Privacy Policies

Here's the main place for all my softwares privacy policies.

Following does apply for all my apps, although not all permissions or services are part of every app. But if they are following applies.


  • This permission allows my app to read and change your contacts like phone contacts, sim contacts, gmail contacts and all other apps contacts as soon as they create them within android contacts provider like e.g. WhatsApp.
  • This permission is only used to fulfill the apps main purpose like reading and/or updating contacts
  • This data will never be collected nor send somewhere without your consent


  • This permission is a very dangerous one. Apps with root permission theoretically have access to everything on your phone.
  • This permission will only be used to fulfill the apps main purpose, e.g. reading another apps data to import it in my app like in CoSy
  • Data that is accessable through this will never be collected nor send somewhere without your consent


  • You can contact me through my app directly, this does not use any service but will simply create a default email and it will append the apps log file.
  • You’ll be asked if you want to append the log file or not. The log file is a plain text file and even if you append it you can still check it’s content before sending it to me.
  • The log file may contain sensitive data, if so, you will of course send this data to me. But I won’t collect this data nor send it anywhere, I will only use it to solve the problem and help you and afterwards it will be deleted.


I don’t use analytic libraries (like e.g. google analytics) in any of my apps, so be sure that you don’t leak private data to such analytic networks on this way


If my app uses ads, I will use AdMob as ad provider. Check out the privacy policies of all their providers here. All my apps are GDPR compliant, so they will also display the necessary information and ask for your consent if necessary. If such an app offers an in app purchase for the pro version, this will remove the ad network usage completely!

Following does apply for all my apps/watchfaces, although not all permissions are part of every app/watchface. But if they are following applies.

User Data

If my garmin app/watchface does access your personal data, this data will never leave your device. This data will only be used for it’s obvious reason locally on your device.